• Irrigation Services

    Next Level Prides itself in providing our customers with any and all information & Services needed to provide you with a green healthy lawn. With that in mind and the hot Florida months we all know about, it is crucial to your lawns success that your irrigation is working and timed properly. Next Level Turf Management continuously strives for your properties full potential and offers irrigation inspections. Irrigation Inspections include: • Proper setting of timer box • All zones are checked for cracks, leaks, broken heads and broken lines • Adjustment of all existing head to maximize optimum coverage • Inform you of allowed watering days, allowed watering times, show you how to operate your control box, how much to water and how irrigation affects your turf and landscape Improper watering practices are undoubtedly the largest factor leading to decline of home lawns. It is important to remember that even with a professionally installed system it is important to check coverage & performance on a regular basis, as heads may become clogged, damaged, or off-center, and leaks in the line may occur. If an area is not receiving water from one or more heads, or if a head is not providing proper coverage, dry spots can develop. This can lead to any of the problems associated with drought stressed turf, weeds, turf destroying insects, & color, just to name a few. How do you know what the turf’s needs are, you may ask? The signs of “Drought Stress” that you need to look for are, • Leaf Blades are folded in half lengthwise in an attempt to save water. • The grass takes on a blue-gray tint, rather than maintaining a green color. • Foot prints or tire tracks remain visible on the grass long after being made. At the completion of the inspection if any repairs are needed, a qualified Next Level Turf Management irrigation representative will inform you. It is especially important your irrigation be in proper working order for the success of your property. Next Level Turf Management thanks you for your attention to this matter, and your continued support & we look forward to working with you on your lawn care needs in the future. Irrigation Installation Next Level Turf Management provides complete irrigation services to meet both residential and commercial needs. Whether you are in need of adding an additional zone(s) for new landscape, matured landscape, increased property size or just flat out don’t have any irrigation to your property, we can do it! Pricing The price for ensuring your turf and landscape are properly irrigated is $59.95 for up to 6 zones and $5.00 for each additional zone.

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  • Sod Replacement / Installation

    It takes about 2 years to establish a healthy lush lawn with seed and fertilizer. Sod on the other hand, provides an instant lush green lawn and is more cost effective than many think. Advantages of Sod Instant results within hours Can be planted during most seasons Better than seed for yards that slope for erosion control Needs little care other than watering and quarterly maintenance

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  • Fertilization / Weed / Insect Control

    Next Level Turf Management has developed a customized program. This includes all the proper nutrients needed to attain that quality color your lawn & shrubs deserve. A fertilization program that features granular products with all the major and minor nutrients required for both the appropriate season and the actual conditions on site.With our tropical environment, pests are prevalent almost year round. Our awareness provides for safe, effective control against these financially devastating pests. This program will also include control measures to minimize ant concerns, as well as other insects that do not directly damage lawn and shrub plants.Next Level Turf Management does not stop there. With our full program service, weed control is provided during the critical time of year when weeds are at full strength and your grass is dormant. Our sincere alertness to your concerns are a key element of the many benefits we offer. Fully licensed, insured, and certified for your protection, our years of experience have proven to be a affordable, results oriented success.Next Level Turf Management appreciates your consideration, and we are confident that Next Level will provide you with the utmost care and concern, and we look forward to helping you for years to come.Our service covers all areas that need attention, turf coverage and entire landscape with fertilizer, fungus control, micro-nutrients, turf thickness, weed control, insect control, ant/flea control and disease control.

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  • Custom Landscape Design & Installation

    Shade Tolerant Shrubs and FlowersThese are plants that thrive in partial to complete shade. Some of these also do well in full sun, but many will not. Look upon large trees in your landscape as a blessing and an opportunity. There are lots of beautiful shade tolerant plants from ground covers to perennials to shrubs that will thrive under a large oak or maple.  >> View a list of Shade Tolerant Shrubs and Flowers <<Sun Tolerant Shrubs and Flowers / Drought Tolerant Plants A plant is drought tolerant if it can survive a dry spell of more than 2 or 3 months without supplemental watering. This means that most native plants from regions that occasionally experience 2-3 months without rain (most of the continental US, for example), are drought tolerant. To reduce the need for supplemental irrigation in your landscape, choose drought tolerant plants. If you want to eliminate watering plants altogether, select species native to your area. >> View a list of Sun Tolerant Shrubs and Flowers << Butterfly GardenButterflies dancing on bright-colored sails bring joy into the garden that flowers alone cannot. To attract butterflies to your garden, you need the flowers that produce the nectar that butterflies drink. To raise butterflies in your garden you need to grow the plants that caterpillars (baby butterflies) eat, and they’re often not the same plants! >> View a list of Plants That Attract Butterflies << TreesA tree is a woody plant with a single trunk and a distinct canopy, usually growing more than 15 ft (4.6 m) tall. Trees can be broad-leaved or needle-leaved and evergreen or deciduous. Broad-leaved deciduous trees create shade in the summer and let the sun through in the winter. Evergreens make the best screens and provide year-round color. Before placing trees in the landscape, consider their ultimate size. It’s sad to have to remove a healthy, tall and handsome tree because it was planted too close to the house. >> View a list of Trees << PalmsPalms are evergreen, mostly tropical, with woodlike stems in the family Palmae (also known as Arecaceae). There are over 2500 species of palms. Most are treelike, with single trunks and either fan shaped (palmate) or feather shaped (pinnate) compound leaves. The larger palms make dramatic statements in USDA Zone 8-10 landscapes (a few are even hardy to Zone 7!), and smaller palms are grown in containers everywhere. >> View a list of Palms <<Fast GrowingPlants that are especially fast growing are given this symbol. Start with some fast-growing plants to get your new garden “up and running” even if you haven’t finished your overall design plan. >> View a list of Fast Growing Plants and Trees <<  GrassesThe huge grass family (Gramineae) includes food and forage grasses such as corn, wheat and oats, sod-forming grasses like Bermuda and St. Augustine, and the ornamental grasses. Ornamental grasses include dainty annuals used as accents in flowerbeds and in dried arrangements, tall perennials that demand attention in beds and borders, and tree-sized bamboos that dominate the landscape. Most grasses can be recognized by their elongated, blade-like leaves with parallel veins.>> View a […]

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  • Clean Up

    Clean up your landscaping with Next Level Turf! Do you have shrubs that need clearing, bushes that need trimming or trees that need tending? Next Level is here to help. We provide landscape design as well as clean up. Our experts are ready to help you create a spectacular home or commercial landscape by cleaning up shrubs, trimming bushes, and tending to trees.You can give your area a new look simply by cleaning up your existing landscape. Take away dead bushes, clip back uncontrolled branches and you can greatly enhance your landscape with a new, neat and controlled environment. You can forget about doing yard work when you hire our expert landscapers. We’ll restore your area to pristine condition with our innovative techniques and skilled crew. It’s time to clean up your area and bring out the beauty in your landscape with Next Level today!

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