Next Level Prides itself in providing our customers with any and all information & Services needed to provide you with a green healthy lawn.

With that in mind and the hot Florida months we all know about, it is crucial to your lawns success that your irrigation is working and timed properly. Next Level Turf Management continuously strives for your properties full potential and offers irrigation inspections. Irrigation Inspections include:

• Proper setting of timer box
• All zones are checked for cracks, leaks, broken heads and broken lines
• Adjustment of all existing head to maximize optimum coverage
• Inform you of allowed watering days, allowed watering times, show you how to operate your control box, how much to water and how irrigation affects your turf and landscape

Improper watering practices are undoubtedly the largest factor leading to decline of home lawns. It is important to remember that even with a professionally installed system it is important to check coverage & performance on a regular basis, as heads may become clogged, damaged, or off-center, and leaks in the line may occur. If an area is not receiving water from one or more heads, or if a head is not providing proper coverage, dry spots can develop. This can lead to any of the problems associated with drought stressed turf, weeds, turf destroying insects, & color, just to name a few. How do you know what the turf’s needs are, you may ask? The signs of “Drought Stress” that you need to look for are,

• Leaf Blades are folded in half lengthwise in an attempt to save water.
• The grass takes on a blue-gray tint, rather than maintaining a green color.
• Foot prints or tire tracks remain visible on the grass long after being made.

At the completion of the inspection if any repairs are needed, a qualified Next Level Turf Management irrigation representative will inform you. It is especially important your irrigation be in proper working order for the success of your property. Next Level Turf Management thanks you for your attention to this matter, and your continued support & we look forward to working with you on your lawn care needs in the future.

Irrigation Installation
Next Level Turf Management provides complete irrigation services to meet both residential and commercial needs. Whether you are in need of adding an additional zone(s) for new landscape, matured landscape, increased property size or just flat out don’t have any irrigation to your property, we can do it!

The price for ensuring your turf and landscape are properly irrigated is $59.95 for up to 6 zones and $5.00 for each additional zone.

Aerating your lawn is one of the best ways to make your lawn stronger and healthier. It begins by removing small plugs of grass throughout the lawn. By doing so this allows entry points through the grasses thatch layer making it easier for fertilizer, nutrients, and more water and oxygen to reach your lawn roots.

After aerating the lawn, it is important to continue regular lawn care practices such as proper fertilization, mowing, and watering.

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